Joining - Questions & answers

Am I too old to start ?

There is no age limit for Tae Kwon Do. We have members from 5 - 75 years old. The founder of Tae Kwon Do himself, General Choi Hong Hi, was still training in his seventies !!!

What if I'm unfit ?

All the more reason to join!! We build beginners' fitness up gradually, depending on age & ability. You'll be surprised how much fitter you'll be after just 6 months!!

What if I'm shy ?

Tae Kwon Do builds confidence; beginners' classes are structured so that no-one feels embarrassed or incapable - all beginners are together.

What if I don't have a friend to join with ?

How many other single people are thinking the same thing ? 70% join on their own, and go on to make many new friends through Tae Kwon Do. We are not only a martial arts club - we hold many social events throughout the year.

What do I need to wear when I start?

As a beginner you can wear a tracksuit etc.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact James Freer either by email or telephone. You can come along to any club and watch what goes on - feel free to ask as well. We also have occasional demonstrations specifically for people thinking of joining or who want to find out more. Keep your eyes open for ads in the local press or the Newsletter section of this website for details of any forthcoming events.